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area lawmaker's new push for gun control. >> we have been here before. after every u.s. mass murder with firearms we heard the demands for greater controls on guns. the debate is more and more heated only to cool down. will it be any different this time? some say yes. the tragedy of so many murdered children may have moved the debate to the tipping point. >> reporter: in a nation with an estimated 12,000 fire-arm related homicides a year. the single massacre of 20 children and seven adults touched a nerve. one gun control advocates say may work to their advantage to reduce gun violence. it is called a tipping point. >> i think we could be at a tipping point for two reasons, a tipping point where we might actually get something done. >> reporter: one reason is the brutality of murdering 20 children, the other, is the amount of shooting sprees. >> the public will not accept, not accept a new normal one of these every month, these mass shootings. >> reporter: the killings prompted dianne feinstein to update a version of her 1994- 2004 assault weapon ban. >> it will ban the sales, th
francisco police department, advised us of the situation, at which point our officers responded. they attempted to make contact, during which time they believe that this person may have potentially had a weapon. >> reporter: police evacuated those who lived closest to the danger. and because there was concern the suspect may have a firearm, tactical units were called in. the incident started around 6:30 this morning with neighbors reports they heard screaming and yelling. one of those who heard the disturbance was resident nathan braun. >> there were a whole bunch of swat team in the hallway. they had a shelter in place and evacuated us about five minutes ago. >> reporter: sometime around 10 p.m., the suspect surrendered peacefully and was taken into custody. he is being interviewed by police. the woman who was with him was released unharmed. no shots were fired. investigators will stay on the scene, process it as a crime scene, and continue looking for a handgun. now, the suspect's troubles are not over. but the important thing is, he did not get shot and neither did anyone els
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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